VA Sports works across multiple sports to provide a global capture service for real time and post-match game analysis, on behalf of the world’s leading author in pioneering sports performance analysis.

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Multi Sports Analysis Services

Video coverage of virtually every major sports event is analysed in some way to give TV viewers or newspaper readers interesting, additional information in real time or to provide coaches and technicians with meticulously detailed insight into improving performance.

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Sports Systems

The sports division of Ventureaxis has more than ten years experience building sports based systems used by major clubs and sports organisations around the world.

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Data Management Solutions

VA Sports can help you consolidate data feeds from multiple sources to gain real insight from your data.

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Microsoft Development Partner

As one of the worlds leading partners for sports technology companies Ventureaxis has over ten years of expereince in helping create sports technology solutions. Solutions we have worked on include match day, training, medical and financial systems that have been used by the larges teams and sporting organisations in the world, at both a club and nation level.

From gathering information about athlete wellbeing through creating systems to feed live match data to media clients, we understand the unique time pressures inherent in the sports industry, the start date of the world cup is not going to move, and is not a deadline that can be missed!

We have experience in delivering systems that provide data in multiple languages (for example, Arabic and Chinese) which offer intuitive user interfaces, either for professional sports scientists or the general public.

We also understand the types of information that needs to be generated from the large amount of raw data that can now be gathered, integrating data from different sources and timeframes into a coherent information set that contains actionable items.