Shopify Apps and Plugins

Shopify has emerged as the leading eCommerce platform for B2C selling. It is simple to setup for a basic store, but has sophisticated capabilities that allow it to scale and support large businesses. If needed, the functionality of Shopify can be complimented through the use of "Plugins".

What is a Shopify Plugin?

A Shopify plugin (App) is a third-party extension to Shopify, allowing additional functionality to be offered over and above the standard functions that Shopify provides. A plugin can provide functionality that ranges from basic to extremely complex, for example a simple plugin might provide the end customer with suggested alternative products based on what other customers have purchased in the past, a more complex plugin might enable the fulfilment of product shipping by a third-party, allowing the store owner to have orders automatically fulfilled without them ever having to handle products themselves.

Shopify App / Plugin Development Services

Why develop a Shopify plugin?

You might want to develop a Shopify plugin or app to enhance your own store, to create an enhancement that you will sell to others, or to allow shopify stores to integrate with your services. For example, if you are a distributer you might create a plugin that will enable you to directly fulfill orders for products that you distribute directly to the consumer.

You can view the publicly available Shopify Apps here in the Shopify App Store

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Shopify App Certification

In order to provide an plugin through the Shopify marketplace it must be certified by Shopify. This means that a number of stringent requirements, including technology, policy, documentation and user experience must be met. Once created, the code is submitted and goes though a process, which may require refinements to parts of the system, before it is approved and made available. Here are the current requirements for public apps on Shopify

What are the first steps to take in Shopify App development?

Talk to an experienced and trusted partner, such as Ventureaxis. Without obligation we can help you assess the scope of your project and assist in determining a realistic budget and plan of action on how to reach your goals. We can help deliver projects that qualify for Research and Development Tax credits (R&D Tax Credits) which can help significantly with the cost of certain projects.