nopCommerce - open-source eCommerce Solution

Whilst Shopify offers a fully hosted, commercial solution for businesses looking to host an eCommerce platform, nopCommerce provides something different. nopCommerce is a fully opensource solution based on Microsoft Technology (ASP.NET Core, MS SQL Service), that can be customised and modified to your needs.

Why use nopCommerce?

We suggest clients use nopCommerce as a basis for a solution when they know they will need specalised functionality for their business, for example when they want to provide a B2B type service to clients without incurring large costs.

nopCommerce is already used to power thousands of online stores around the world, it offers end customers and businesses a world-class service in terms of the functionality it makes available, including user-reviews, discounting, comparisons, reccomendations, payments, vouchers/offers and many more facilities.

Whilst it is possible to install and configure the solution in a relatively quick time, the technology that it is based on allows it to be scaled to 1000s of simultaneous users and millions of products.

nopCommerce Customisation Services

nopCommerce Features

Out of the box features include functionality such as:

  • Product catalogues
  • Responsive site design (for mobile devices)
  • SEO ready
  • Payment processing
  • Global shipping capabilities and calculations
  • Reward points, discounting, affilliate support, marketing, cross-selling, etc.

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nopCommerce Customisation

In the past Ventureaxis has worked on nopCommerce solutions creating a range of enhancements and customisations that have allowed our customers to service their requirements, such as:

  • Forcing users to login before accesing the site
  • Stopping the shopping cart contents from expiring
  • Calling to a third party system to get customer specific discount information
  • Allowing end users to upload orders from a CSV/Excel files with product codes/barcodes and quantity, managing exception processes if items can't be found
  • Allowing a product catalogue containing hundreds of thousands of items to be managed efficiently
  • Allowing orders to be placed using credit, including checking the current credit availability for the logged on user
  • Pre-Ordering functionality to allow customers to place orders for items that are not yet available
  • Integrating to exisitng systems for order management and fulfilment to customers

Implemention Plan

The best approach to implementing nopCommerce will depend on your objectives, specifically, are you undertaking a "green field" implementation or looking to change over from an existing solution?

Green Field Implemention

Firstly you should determine who your site is primarily targeted at. Armed with this information you can address a number of areas:

  • Look and feel of the system UI
  • Workflow and user journey
  • Product catalogue loading and maintenance
  • Payment methods to support
  • Order fulfilment processes
  • Marketing processes
  • Customisation and integration to existing order systems
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting

Migration From Existing Solution

Where an existing solution is no longer meeting your needs, a similar exercise to the one above needs to take place, however there are a few additional considerations:

  • Changeover plan to deal with historical orders
  • Changeover plan to deal with active orders
  • Cutover planning to manage technical changeover of systems
  • Potential re-use of existing integrations

What are the first steps to take in nopCommerce implementation?

Talk to an experienced and trusted partner, such as Ventureaxis. Without obligation we can help you assess the scope of your project and assist in determining a realistic budget and plan of action on how to reach your goals. We can help deliver projects that qualify for Research and Development Tax credits (R&D Tax Credits) which can help significantly with the cost of certain projects.