Vodafone : Ventureaxis client for implmentation

A long-term engagement to help Vodafone corporate deploy cutting edge software to help integrate the global supply chain of its subsidiary operating companies from around the world into a system to give information and control.

Data Integration

A company the size and complexity of Vodafone, which grew by acquiring other telcos around the world needs many solutions to be put into place to allow affective management of their myriad of systems.

Ventureaxis consulting helped on a large long-term project to gather information from the unique systems implemented in each different country Vodafone operated in to a centralised system to exercise control over the produce (handset) purchasing process.

The system used XML EDI technology, based on Rosettanet, to enhance information and consolidate orders to handset manufacturers.

Custom Billing Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the custom billing solution software development created for Proper Music.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor managed inventory solutions combine data from a number of sources (Historic sales, sales orders, requisitions, marketing plans, inventory levels) to target a range of required stock for products. This system then fed that forecast and "actual" data to suppliers who were tasked with keeping inventory levels between the required upper and lower bounds.

VMI solutions allow affective management of inventory where the requirements and dynamic, keeping in the required amounts of stock to meet the expected and actual demand.

Custom Inventory Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the bespoke inventory software development created for Vodafone.