STATS Perform / Telstra / Canal+ : Ventureaxis client for implmentation

A project to provide a data feed for pre-match, live during match and post-match rugby for several leagues and competitions around the world.

API & Statistics Provision

There is an ever-growing hunger for data, statistics and information in all sports, and Rugby is no exception. In this project, Ventureaxis provided a turnkey technology solution that could ingest data from multiple sources, combine it, turn the raw stream into statistics and KPI information and make this available to partners in the media.

Rugby can be a complex game, the system needed to cope with the variations in the different competitions, with rules for Rugby League, Rugby Union and Rugby 7s. In addition, more specialist competitions with their own regulations need to be supported.

This solution needed components to setup competition and league structures, as well as handling API data requests on match days. The system is used by the NRL (Australia), Top 14 (France) and other top flight competitions to provide data to media partners including Canal+ and Telstra.

This sports solution is written in C# .NET and hosted on Amazon AWS Servers, with Amazon S3 used as a CDN for file distribution.

Custom Billing Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the custom billing solution software development created for Proper Music.