Proper Music : Ventureaxis client for software development

For a number of years a dedicated development team from Ventureaxis has been providing technology solutions to Proper Music Distribution. These solutions now encompass Billing systems, Reporting Systems, Inventory Management Solutions and Marketing solutions.

Billing / Invoicing

On a monthly basis Proper Music needs to create bills and reports for the labels if distributes. The generation of this information is a complex process, taking into account individual contracts, sales, returns, stock movements, and many other factors.

The system integrates with a custom Warehouse Management Solution, SAGE accounts, and a Sales management system. It produces and distributes sales data and invoices as files, Excel reports and data feeds.

This cloud based system replaces an on-premise solution with a Cloud Native app, which offers scalability, reliability and speed.

Custom Billing Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the custom billing solution software development created for Proper Music.

Inventory Management

Managing hundreds of thousands of individual SKUs, Proper Music needed a solution to allow efficient movement and stocktaking. Ventureaxis created an Android mobile application with sophisticated functionality to allow the movement of stock and the taking of "perpetual inventory".

The perpetual inventory process replaced an annual stock check, which was no longer viable due the increasing volume of stock being handled by Proper Music

Web dashboards allow the monitoring of the inventory processes, checking against targets set in the system.

Custom Inventory Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the bespoke inventory software development created for Proper Music.


Managing thousands of releases for hundreds of record labels every year means that having accurate information and the ability to generate high quality information sheets to share with customers in an efficient way is paramount.

Replacing a complex manual process, this solution allows Proper Music to automatically generate and distribute pdf marketing information to retailers, targeting them with the genres that interest them most.

This is a cloud-based solution hosted in Microsoft Azure which integrates to the back end product management systems and can scale as needed to allow the marketing team to effectively manage a large volume of data.

Custom Marketing Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the custom marketing solution software development created for Proper Music.

Sales Reporting

With the above solutions in place, a consolidated data repository was available. The natural next step was to point business intelligence tools at the system to produce a wide range of reports to allow the business unparalleled access to its data in real-time

Microsoft Power BI was the selected product allowing for integration with other Microsoft solutions and custom software deployed in Azure.

Custom Reporting Solution: This image shows a screeshot of the custom reporting solution software development created for Proper Music.