Web Solutions & Operations


Ventureaxis builds and operates web solutions for businesses that want to concentrate their own efforts on their core competencies and business, rather than system development and maintenance. Solutions include:

  • Large information portals
  • Online database solutions
  • Management information dashboards
  • Process management systems with workflow and notifications

Recent Projects

Below are examples of some of the systems we have recently built, with a brief description of the key technologies used.

Cashless System for Festivals

Ventureaxis was approached to produce, from scratch, a product that would revolutionise the management of Music Festivals around the world. When thousands of people are gathered in a field existing "cashless" solutions do not work, since they rely on communications liks back to banks. The POS solution we developed is different, storing digital cash on RFID chips contained in the access wristbands worn by attendies, which means it can work in an environment with no (or limited) internet connectivity. With multiple solutions to add credit and advanced features such as multiple currencies, vouchers, ticketing, access control and coupons the solution we created in collaboration with our customer is the most adcanced in the world. Able to work in connected, disconnected or hybrid mode, the system accuratly tracks who spent what, where and when.

Key Technologies Used:Microsoft Azure, Android, C#, Azure SQL, Xamarin, REST Web Services, NFC / RFID, Barcoding, Google Firebase, Cumul.io

Software developed to manage cashless POS solution.

Travel Retail Portal

A system that is the premier destination for the travel retail industry, giving online access to industry data and charts as well as thousands of pictures, videos, pricing and seating data from 1000+ airports.

Key features:

  • Over 100,000 prices can be compared across airport duty free stores around the world
  • Access to key product promotion information
  • Photo library for duty free stores from top global airports (currently over 10,000 photos and growing)
  • Video walkthroughs for direct understanding of duty free environments without the need for visitation

Key Technologies Used: ASP.Net, SQL Server, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, C#, Highcharts, Select2.

User Interface Languages: English.

World Cup Live Match Statistics

In co-ordination with our video processing centre in India, this solution allows detailed statistics and information to be gathered from football matches as they are played live. Video is sent from the stadium to our processing centre in India, where it is turned into data that can be viewed live by football fans from around the world. This system has been accessed simultaneously by over 1/2 Million users during large international competitions.

Key features:

  • Match teamsheet showing the details of teams playing the match, including bookings, substitutions and goals
  • Interactive graphical pitch maps where users can interact to display chosen statistics
  • Multi-lingual support with full mandarin interface and the ability to switch between English and Chinese interfaces

Key Technologies Used: C++, Flash/Flex, SQL, Video technologies, XML.

User Interface Languages: English, Mandarin.

Users: Telegraph newspaper, QQ.com (Multi Billion Dollar Internet Services provider in China).

Sports Financial System

A system for the organisation of large quantities of video, document and image data, this solution allows the tracking and management of international players. The system is used in the world of football finance and transfers.

Key features:

  • Searchable global player database
  • Management dashboards highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs)

Key Technologies Used: Oracle Database (11G), Oracle, Application Express (APEX), HTML, CSS, jQuery, PLSQL.

User Interface Languages: English.

Workflow Management System

A system for the management of critical business process workflow over an internationally distributed workforce (UK, France, India, China, South Africa).

Key features:

  • Management and production dashboards to show rolling two week plans. Colour coding highlights exceptions and KPIs that fall out of desired ranges
  • Rapid data maintenance with multi user capabilities
  • Designed for process efficiency, the system uses optimised screes to carry out core business processes

Key Technologies Used: Oracle Database (11G), Oracle Application Express (APEX), HTML, CSS, jQuery, PLSQL.

User Interface Languages: English.