Sports Systems

Ventureaxis Sports has more than 15 years experience helping our customer build industry leading sports based systems. Solutions that we have delivered are used by major clubs and sports organisations around the world to track and improve athlete performance, monitor health and injury status and analyse competition and team dynamics.

We develop systems that deliver benefits to all parts of the sporting eco-system, including

  • Web and Mobile based information dashboards for players, coaching staff
  • Products to perform anaysis and video display with animated overlays
  • Server based solutions for capturing player performance data
  • Delivery of real time data during matches to be used by media organisations (TV / Web / Mobile)
  • Consolidation of data sets from multiple sources and companies, combined to give new insights
  • Research and Development (R&D) projects to help clubs and other organisations drive value from their data
  • Match day support systems, including ticketing, payment and client management solutions
  • System to support provision of live data to TV graphics providers

Our expertise extends beyond software development into sports science and data anaylsis, where we can help identify the KPIs that can drive improvement

Past Projects

Live Data Analysis System

Supporting football at the highest level, this solution can accept data input at 50+ frames per second for multiple concurrent matches and provide statistics, KPIs and key details to consuming media partners..

Key features:

  • Highly scalable, highly available cloud based solution
  • Ingests and processes data at high volumes
  • Produces live statistics real-time for data consumers
  • Produces post match pdf reports for distribution

Key Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure, SQL, C#, Angular, Signal R, Rabbit MQ

User Interface Languages: English.

Sports Draft System

Supporting The Hundred cricket competition with a player registration system and software to run a live televised Draft process.

Key features:

  • Secure player registration systems
  • Workflow to approve documentation and eligibility
  • System used during live TV show to select team players over a number of rounds

Key Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure, SQL, C#, Angular, Signal R

User Interface Languages: English.

Sports Financial System

A system for the organisation of large quantities of video, document and image data, this solution allows the tracking and management of international players. The system is used in the world of football finance and transfers.

Key features:

  • Searchable global player database
  • Management dashboards highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs)

Key Technologies Used: Oracle Database (11G), Oracle Application Express (APEX), HTML, CSS, jQuery, PLSQL.

User Interface Languages: English.

World Cup Live Match Statistics

In co-ordination with our video processing centre in India, this solution allows detailed statistics and information to be gathered from football matches as they are played live. Video is sent from the stadium to our processing centre in India, where it is turned into data that can be viewed live by football fans from around the world. This system has been accessed simultaneously by over 1/2 Million users during large international competitions.

Key features:

  • Match teamsheet showing the details of teams playing the match including bookings, substitutions and goals
  • Interactive graphical pitch maps where users can interact to display chosen statistics
  • Multi-lingual support with full mandarin interface and the ability to switch between English and Chinese interfaces

Key Technologies Used: C++, Flash/Flex, SQL, Video technologies, XML

User Interface Languages: English, Mandarin.

End Customers: Telegraph newspaper, (Multi Billion Dollar Internet Services provider in China)

Sports Coaching Sytem

Ventureaxis managed the software development for the premier supplier of data to professional sports clubs. The engagement encompassed a large variety of systems and technologies, including handheld devices, PC's, Web, Mobile and Server based systems.

Key features:

  • Web based dashboards to provide key information direct to football club executives for rapid performance feedback
  • Desktop tool integrating football KPI info with video to allow close analysis
  • Maintenance of match viewer software and video processing service, analysing over 10,000 matches per year in off shore processing facility based in India
  • Web based recruiter system providing access to detailed player statistics with charting and data analysis technologies
  • Trend database tools to conduct advanced data analysis across matches

Key Technologies Used: C++, C#, MFC, Flex/Flash, HTML, CSS, XML, Many Video Technolgies, SQl Server, Oracle

User Interface Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic.

Sports Medical Information Systems

Web based medical software, used by clients like Manchester Utd and New York Knicks, for tracking and analysing elite athlete injury and fitness data. Colour coded dashboards provide easy to understand calls to action based on KPI's.

Key features:

  • Colour coded overview dashboard to view player’s current injury status and availability
  • Combination of dashboards with scrollable timeline to give quick access to latest physio, medical and sports science information for each player or squad
  • Injury history shown as collapsible, colour coded lists in a searchable timeline

Key Technologies Used: ASP.NET, C#, SQl Server, jQuery, Javascript, Dev Express, HTML, CSS

User Interface Languages: English.

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