Outsourced Software Services


Many companies are looking for a long term solution to their software development and maintenance needs that does not fit into the "project" model. Ventureaxis can provide a team, or transfer your existing team to build or maintain your software products and solutions, allowing your business to concentrate on functions such as sales and marketing. We provide teams to work with many different types of technology and produce software for desktop, web and mobile deployment.

Recent Engagements

Below are examples of some of the customers and systems we service in this model with a brief description of some of the products we deal with and the key kechnologies used.

Sports Coaching System

Since 2007 Ventureaxis have managed the software development for the premier supplier of data to professional sports clubs. The engagement encompasses a large variety of systems and technologies, including handheld devices, PC's, Web and Server based systems.

Key features:

  • Web based dashboards provide key information direct to managers and chairmen of football clubs for rapid performance feedback
  • Desktop tool integrates football KPI info with video to allow close analysis
  • Maintenance of match viewer software and video processing services, analysing over 10,000 matches per year in off shore processing facility based in India
  • Web based recruiter system gives access to detailed player statistics with charting and data analysis technologies
  • Trend database to conduct advanced data analysis

Key Technologies Used: C++, C#, MFC, Flex/Flash, HTML, CSS, XML, Many Video Technolgies, SQl Server, Oracle

User Interface Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Russion, Spanish, Arabic.

Large Provider of Postal Management Systems

As part of the UN, with its 192 member countries, this customer is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. Ventureaxis took over the development and maintenance of a Microsoft based system used for the co-ordination of international mail at major airport hubs. This complex system manages the routing of mail onto the correct flights, provides electronic document (EDI) messaging to track mail and a system for invoicing and reporting.

Key features:

  • Manage EDI data from global postal services and provides rules for routing and planning, as well as invoicing and reporting capabilities
  • Complex business logic and integration
  • Exception management to allow manual overrides to automated decisions

Key Technologies Used: C++, MFC, SQL Server.

User Interface Languages: English.

Sports Medical Information Systems

Web based medical software, used by clients like Manchester Utd and New York Knicks, for tracking and analysing elite athlete injury and fitness data. Colour coded dashboards provide easy to understand calls to action based on KPI's.

Key features:

  • Colour coded overview dashboard to view player’s current injury status and availability
  • Combination of dashboards with scrollable timeline to give quick access to latest physio, medical and sports science information for each player or squad
  • Injury history shown as collapsible, colour coded lists in a searchable timeline

Key Technologies Used: ASP.NET, C#, SQl Server, jQuery, Javascript, Dev Express, HTML, CSS.

User Interface Languages: English.