Multi Sports Analysis Services

Sport Data Capture Services

Our solutions range from analysis offerings based on the TV footage of any given event to the most advanced systems with dedicated stadium capture solutions for professional teams.

With the need for real-time analysis or, in the case of coaching level information, turnaround times of only a few hours, we operate stadium capture systems consisting of multiple high definition, remotely controlled IP cameras and automated data links to dedicated Internet storage or to our own production centres.

Real-Time coding

Using its own bespoke and highly efficient footage transfer technology to its large-scale offshore-processing centres, Ventureaxis provides a real time, or near real time, coding service, which enables our clients to provide highly detailed live information feeds for:

  • Professional coaching team with in-play statistics
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Social Media

Sport Post-Match Analysis

Many thousands of sports matches are processed every year in our dedicated processing centres using either our proprietary, or client mandated, video analysis software with extremely fast turnaround times and tight quality SLAs. Ultimately, professional sports clubs and sports associations use these data to improve performance or to understand their opponents.

  • Multisport analysis including football, handball and rugby; from grassroots to world’s biggest leagues and competitions
  • Annually capturing and analysing hundreds of thousands of hours of global footage
  • Tracking player movements and event positional data
  • Thousands of actions per game

Sports Data Delivery

Ventureaxis provides smart solutions for sports data delivery to the end users. End users of the data produced by us include:

  • World leading football coaches and managers
  • Teams in the leagues such as the English Premier League, the IPL Champions League or the US Major League Soccer
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Social Media