Gold Microsoft Develpoment Partner in Leeds

Microsoft gold development services partner

Focus on Microsoft Solutions

Ventureaxis is committed to providing our customers and partners high quality Microsoft development services. Our leadership team has decades of experience in the delivery of systems that help businesses achieve their goals and, whilst our software engineers have experience in a wide variety of technologies, when it comes to new development we specialise in creating Microsoft Solutions.

The Microsoft technology stack is always up to date, supported by an industry giant, and with a ready supply of developers able to maintain, customise, enhance, and integrate to systems created within the eco-system.

Historically the technology industry is littered with legacy systems created using “bleeding-edge” or “flavour of the month” technology which then disappears, leaving unsupported solutions for which no developers can be found. In a worse case, support for the technology like this disappears all-together (Adobe Flash / Flex / Air) and developers cannot be found to maintain the system. In such circumstance’s development may need to start again from scratch.

By committing to creating software solutions using Microsoft technology we ensure that our clients are not left with systems that cannot be supported for the long term. According to stackOverflow .NET Core is the number one most loved framework and there are over 1 Million .NET Core developers active using Visual Studio.

Cloud Platform

Whilst all cloud providers offer the ability to have Virtual Machines hosting software, the true power of the cloud comes into play when it is utilised as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). The Microsoft Azure Cloud provides the tools, environment, and components that that allow developers to build highly scalable and reliable systems that have all the tools needed to monitor, manage, and tune them. Building the facilities provided by Azure on-premise would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds every year and would still not come close to the reliable, scalable system azure provides.

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

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Ventureaxis is a Microsoft Gold Partner offering Microsoft Development Services, Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft's most highly accredited independent technical support providers. Achieving this level of partnership demonstrates best-in-class capability in Application development and Integration. Our Gold Competencies in Application development and Application integration put us in the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide, and our Silver Competency in Cloud Platform puts us in the top 5% of Cloud partners. Although there are over 64,000 Microsoft cloud partners worldwide less than 1,000 hold Gold Partner Status, Ventureaxis is pleased to count itself in this elite group.

Gaining gold and silver partnership levels with Microsoft takes years of dedicated work, the certification process with Microsoft is rigorous and requires staff to take exams and regular auditing to ensure partners maintain the high level of skill, proficiency and experience needed to undertake development work to the highest standard.

Our partnership with Microsoft means we have a direct connection with them, we can access dedicated levels of support and pre-sales consulting with fast response times, ensuring that we can get issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Microsoft Partner FAQs

What is a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Microsoft Certified Partners (MCPs) are businesses that provide Microsoft-related products or services.

They are Official partners of Microsoft, confirmed to work effectively helping customers with information technology (IT) projects and specific products and services.

MCPs provide Microsoft services on behalf of Microsoft worldwide, they have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support. Every MCP has been in business for at least 5 years, has passed several tests, and has proven skills in their particular field.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

There are three levels of Microsoft Partner; "Member", "Silver" and "Gold". Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are the most highly accredited independent technical providers of Microsoft products and services.

To become a "Gold" partner a company and its employees must pass a stringent series of assessments and exams, demonstrating a high level of competence.