Ventureaxis: How We Work


Ventureaxis IT Solutions group offers a range of services to help companies develop and service software solutions. We implement systems as a one off assignment or as a long term engagement partner with a dedicated team.

Where we can help:

  • If you have a business need that can't be solved with off the shelf software
  • You have existing systems based on excel / paper that you would like to bring together into a single system
  • You want to provide your clients / customers with information dashboard / portals
  • You have an internally developed software solution that needs professional attention

Turnkey Solutions

Our clients engage Ventureaxis IT Solutions team as a trusted partner that can take care of the full range of tasks related to their business. Our software development practice provides a full service offering including:

  • Market analysis
  • System requirements and roadmap development
  • System architecture and database design
  • Phased system development, testing and deployment of functionality
  • System hosting in industry leading, secure data centres with state-of-the-art infrastructure and high bandwidth network connections
  • On-going system maintenance, support and additional development


We recommend system architectures and software tools based on the systems functional and volume requirements, the longer-term business plan and the budget constraints. Our development team works with, and supports, the major web and desktop development technologies including:

  • Microsoft Azure Development
  • SQL Server / IIS / Microsoft .NET Core
  • C++ / C#
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, REST Web Services
  • Integration technologies such as XML, flat files and EDI

When taking on a project our consultants will establish a requirements definition and a release plan to achieve the project objectives in the most effective way. System specification and development takes place in a controlled environment following the Ventureaxis methodology. Customers will receive regular feedback on progress throughout the development cycle and participate in testing of the system. Project and system documentation is permanently available in our customer extranet.

We can utilise a combined onshore - offshore development model to ensure that our clients get the highest-quality system at the best cost.

Legacy Software Maintenance

Ventureaxis carries out the maintenance and development of existing software solutions that are being used either by your end customers or internally in your organisation. By either transferring knowledge to our staff, or transferring staff from your organization to Ventureaxis, we can offer an efficient way to manage the post development lifecycle of your products and systems. Where suitable we can arrange to manage some or all of these tasks offshore.

Client-centric skills

We assemble and assign a fully dedicated team for every client engagement, regardless of its size, that fits the skill requirements of the client's business. We grow our overall team by recruiting, and integrating, experienced staff for any special technology skills that may be needed for an engagement.

In addition to the technologies listed above our team has specific skills and experience in:

  • Video and multimedia solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Integration platforms
  • Business Intelligence

For smaller or specialised software organisations

Ventureaxis takes outsourced IT development to a new level, making its advantages accessible to SMEs and to companies whose needs go beyond standard processes and IT solutions.

Using a Ventureaxis outsourced team saves cost, improves performance, provides flexible access to highly skilled resources and and establishes IT process discipline.

Proven engagement approach

Whether it's software developed for in-house use, or solutions marketed to end users, Ventureaxis offers, with a proven engagement approach:

  • Software development and customization
  • Software maintenance
  • Support
  • Hosting and operations, if required

We engage under a variety of models, from solely project based engagements, to partial outsourcing of specific applications or functions, to the full service of an entire IT organisation, including the transition of the existing team to Ventureaxis, if required.

Contact us for more detailed information or a discussion of your software development requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are a UK company based in Leeds.
How do you create your designs and graphics?
We have a full time in-house design team to produce graphical assets and user interface designs.
What technologies do you use?
For web projects we use the Microsoft technology stack (SQL Server C#, C++, .NET) and standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, etc.)  For mobile projects we use Apple iOS and Android development platforms. We also have expertise and service customers who use other technologies such as Oracle based systems.
What approach to do you take to a software development project?
Before deciding which approach we would take to implement a project we first need to understand in detail the requirements and timeline.  Our architects each have over 15 years experience in building systems and will be able to determine what steps are needed to deliver your system.  Typically we will have a number of consultations with you before producing a mock-up and specification of the system, along with an effort estimate and timeline for the development and deployment.
Will I be able to make changes during the development?
During the build of the system we will have regular meetings (in person or online) to review the progress of the solution, it will be possible to make changes to the system as it is developed as our joint understanding of the project increases.
Can you host and manage the system?
Yes, if you do not have your own infrastructure we can arrange to host your system for you.  In addition we can manage all backups of the system and run regular maintenance and performance tests.
Why would I use a company and not a contractor?
By using a company to build your system you are ensuring that you are not reliant on a single person.  Having a company that can provide on-going support and continuity of knowledge is essential for a reliable, long term system.
What makes you different to to other companies?
Our experience, reliability and commitment to the projects we take on. Ventureaxis is staffed by experienced experts in creating systems, we know what works, and we know that a good developer can perform better than several average developers. We only employ people whose expertise and experience and proven ability to deliver makes them stand out from the crowd.
Can you integrate with other systems?
Yes, our expertise and experience includes many projects where integration between systems has been a core component.
What is the size of a typical development team on a project?
We provide teams from one person up to 15 or more people.  Larger projects would include an engagement manager, project manager, developers, designers and testers where appropriate.
Can you take on my existing staff and continue to maintain and develop my application(s)?
Yes, in a number of circumstances we have taken on (TUPE'd) staff from our customers, in order to preserve system knowledge.
Would you be willing take over a project started by another developer or company?
Yes, we would need to conduct a review of the system and then could take over its operation either by working with the existing code or by re-building where required.
Would you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
Yes, we can agree on NDA terms prior to an engagement.